6.Divination: Fatality or Free Will?

Who has never wished to know their own future? Perhaps in thinking that by knowing in advance the misfortunes that await us, one might find a way to prevent their harmful effects. Or maybe we want to read into the future as, with the certainty that everything will work out for the best, we would gain new optimism and energy. Or simply out of curiosity. In order to make a difficult decision perhaps. Several divinatory techniques have arisen over the centuries, from the more “scientific” ones such as astrology and radiesthesia, to the more unusual ones like batrachomancy and apantomancy.

Divination uses a huge symbolic repertoire as the basis for drawing auspices, but it is necessary to develop what is called “sixth sense”, intuition, clairvoyance almost, to carry out a meaningful prediction.

La divinazione
Divination: Fatality or Free Will?

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