7.Clairvoyance in modern times

Facoltà dell'essere umano
Faculties of human beings

Clairvoyance is a wonderful faculty of consciousness that opens up the view to past and future events.

The ability to have precognitions or see into the future is to be considered the prerogative of not just the great biblical prophets, sibyls or magicians. The phenomenon of clairvoyance has also occurred in modern times, with figures from 1900 to the present day who have lifted some veil on the fabric of time, revealing events that have not yet happened and solving enigmatic cases.

The faculty of clairvoyance appears spontaneously in some rare individuals as an innate gift. It can also be voluntary, in which case it is the result of specific techniques and a process that the individual undertakes, which is closely linked to the inner evolution of the person.

When the clairvoyant faculty concerns past events, it is called retrocognition, literally “knowledge of the past”. In this case, it does not refer to an individual’s past. It is about history in a much broader sense, up to the history of humanity as a whole, through the reading of the Akashic dimension.

Those who can access this dimension can see the recordings in the Book of Nature, called “Akashic chronicles”: it has been possible to reconstruct otherwise missing pages of human history, thanks to the access to this dimension by gifted individuals.

Ancient Civilizations: Did Lemuria and Atlantis Really Exist?
Ancient Civilizations: did Lemuria and Atlantis really Exist?

Some psychics bear witness to the existence of civilizations that lived in very remote times of which the official history does not talk about. These civilizations had characteristics completely different from ours.

Camille Flammarion
Camille Flammarion

Other manifestations of clairvoyance include knowing aspects or details of people simply by handling an object that the person owns through that branch of clairvoyance called psychometry: by perceiving “vibrations” emitted by some objects, it is possible to see or even relive past events involving them, such as episodes relating to their owners. For the famous astronomer and science popularizer Camille Flammariòn (1846-1936), whose investigations went so far as to consider the deepest aspects of mental faculties, clairvoyant vision seems closely linked to the subconscious when he states that “the subconscious, … in exercising its faculties such as certain forms of clairvoyance, … frees itself from the limitations of space and time, that is, of the laws that govern our material world.”

Certain topics such as clairvoyance, magic, telepathy are sometimes misunderstood because they have been treated superficially: as is often the case, there is also a flip side to the coin. If on the one hand someone speaks ill of them, on the other there are those who have found benefits or effects from them.

Only live experimentation, first-hand verification, can make us truly understand the complexity of human beings, the borderline phenomena of an apparently distant world that permeates everyday reality.

Tempo, visioni e profezie
Time, visions and prophecies

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