9.A challenge for the future

If a man from a previous civilization appeared in today’s society, he would probably believe he was among wizards or demigods.

But if this man were among the likes of Plato or Pythagoras, who refuses to be blinded by the wonders of technological progress, he would understand that this modern “technological wizard”, who dives deep into the oceans and flies into space towards the moon, ignores the deepest parts of his unconscious, doesn’t explore the many planes of existence and neglects the interconnections between all men and women and between these and the cosmos.


This sage of the past would understand that nowadays humanity lacks that essential ingredient for any authentic civilization: Wisdom, a precious heritage for humanity of all time.

Why, then, don’t we think of the present as the time to take up the baton of Wisdom, and of the future as the spatial-temporal reality to realize its principles?

Not a future to be predicted, therefore, but the time to accept the challenge of a deeper comprehension of ourselves, of the world and God, in light of a new and ancient knowledge.


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